Daniel Ewer

- God is my judge


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Daniel started reading before he turned two. He read his first fresh sentence aloud at the age of 22 months.

He attended his local elementary school, Harrison Park in the GRPS system, from Kindergarten to 3rd grade. In Kindergarten his teachers Miss Luke and Mrs Smith already recognized his talents and sent him across the hall to 1st grade classes. As a result he skipped 1st grade and joined 2nd under Mrs Manett.

Mrs Manett also nurtured his talents, sending him to her friend Mrs Kain’s 5th(!) grade class for math and reading. In cases of Mrs Manett’s absence, he was sometimes retained in Mrs Kain’s class all day.

When it came to 3rd grade, after a brief spell in Mrs Cortes’ class, he was eventually reassigned to Mrs Kain, who had dropped down to that grade.

During 3rd grade it became obvious he needed further stimulation so plans were started to move him to one of the better elementary schools, C.A. Frost. He was also upgraded again, to 5th grade where he was under Mr Neveau.

During 5th grade he joined the robotics activity mid-season, having had a time clash with school cross-country and club soccer. He joined the Radio Eclipse team and was a popular member of that team in the Lego First robotics meet in November 2018. He then took advantage of the GRPL free Saturday Lego robotics sessions the next spring.

He will be attending Center for Economicology for 6th grade, his first in middle school. He chose that school above other test-in schools as it is on the campus at City Middle/High, his intended 7th-12th grade school, and they are one of a few middle schools who have robotics teams.